Kiwano KO1 News update for first riders.

To all our Riders and Fans!


As we have come in to the new year and started to deliver some of our first orders we have decided to delay the remaining orders whilst we add an additional safety feature to our software program.


As much as we love seeing riders post their scooters and email us feedback and as much as we don't like seeing negative comments also due to delays this is necessary for us to do and safety is always going to be more important to us. 


The Kiwano KO1 Electric Scooter can move in ride mode when there is no one touching it and it is necessary for us to add an additional cut out feature so the scooter goes in to safety mode once it is more than two meters away from you so it does not continue to go off on it's own. 


We apologise for the continuous delays to riders out there that are still waiting but we are in this business for the long term and the product comes first before anything else.


Deliveries will be coming to your door in June 2018. We are ramping up production in May to support our global network and online business for summer and Christmas of 2018. 


Kiwano team!

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New Years Message from CEO & Team

To all our Riders and Fans!


First off Happy New Year! We are very excited about 2018 and what this year will bring!


Last year was very challenging for us, way more than we anticipated because we launched our Kiwano KO1 Electric Scooter to the public thinking that it would be ready to deliver within ninety days but as we started running trial tests during the first production batches some unexpected issues appeared during quality control. This was a blessing in disguise, we are grateful that this happened, it allowed us to further test and refine our Kiwano KO1 so that it far exceeds expectations. We have made substantial progress on the final production units with far better software and mechanicals systems. We have improved the way the scooter rides overall, we are very happy about that!


Having our own manufacturing facilities is a big advantage for us so that we can control the production ourselves and develop premium electric vehicles for now and in the long term.


We are still testing units and we have had to improve some of the units which is taking time. We will be shipping our some of first batches around the 25th January in the USA and deliveries will continue throughout the first quarter of 2018 for all past and current orders. You will get a notification of your tracking number automatically once it has been despatched so please wait and allow your scooter to arrive when we are ready to send it. Due to the demand we will not be able to change our delivery lead times until the second quarter of 2018 for all new orders.


Being a startup company we wanted to make sure we build the foundation of our business in the right way so that we can run smooth production, cut lead times whilst keeping that quality build that Kiwano is and will be know for more and more.


We understand that the delays and changes have been frustrating for all of us but remember we want to be the best and make this right. Within one year we have gone from approving our prototype to launching this product campaign and starting our own manufacturing facilities. We have achieved a lot because of our excellent highly motivated team members!


We have commitment from retailers around the world and we have had to keeping pushing this part of our business back also until we deliver these first units from our pre-orders.


Thank you for supporting our business and we all wish you the best for 2018!


Oliver & the Kiwano team!

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