Kiwano Riders & Fans!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the launch of our Kiwano KO1 Electric Scooter during the first three months of launch. 


Our pre-order campaigns have ended today, exactly 90 days from when we went live! The pricing has been adjusted to it’s full retail value at the Official Kiwano Website at $999 USD.  


We are now entering a new stage in our business of producing and fulfilling our online orders to all our first Riders! We are super excited to see first impressions and how you guys manage with it! 


As we continue to produce and ship we will be posting further updates for riders shipping schedules. Please do bare with us whilst we continue to complete these first batches! We understand that everyone is eager to get their KO1 Scooter and it is top priority for us to ensure that what leaves our production facility is 100% free of ANY defects and passes ALL our quality standards and inspection reports.


The Kiwano KO1 Scooter was inspired by the need to simplify electric scooters by using just one wheel and being handheld. We wanted to achieve a design that was minimal but indestructible! Looking at this machine you’d hardly know that it was even electric or packed with such incredible features.


Below is a picture of our concept that we made ourself by taking apart other electric scooter parts and figuring out how we could make something truly remarkable from our idea along side our final KO1 Beauty! 



Kiwano Team

Clean Energy, Clean Mind