Kiwano re-launch early 2017

To all of our loyal fans!


We are the creators of the ground-breaking KIWANO KO-X Electric Self Balancing Scooter and proud of it!


As you may know, our launch was incredibly successful but unfortunately met with some complications and so led us to discontinue the product as per our previous news update.


This news only gave us more drive and motivation to come back and launch something truly epic for early 2017!


We are now hard at work creating something ground-breaking in the electric scooter category and 100% on our own with solid manufacturing processes in place to mitigate our risk of previous complications we ran into. We have confirmed our final design idea and we are already super excited to launch this to the public, we know you are going be amazed with what we are creating.


So whilst we are hard at work developing this incredible machine, please do be patient with us. We will keep you all updated during the development and manufacturing stages.


Our website will be temporarily under construction by the end of this week but we will keep our email and live chat support up for any questions or concerns you may have!


We thank you all so much for your continuous support and once again we are super excited about what the new year will bring for KIWANO and we are going to be here to stay in 2017 and continue to build a solid product range that you will all enjoy and love.


We are certain KIWANO will become a leading brand in the electric scooter industry!