July Kiwano News Update

Hey Kiwano Fans!

We are super stoked for this electrical revolution creating zero-emissions, and innumerable memories together!

Since we launched in May, we are now partnering with over 100 resellers worldwide, in over 30 countries.

Up next in September, Kiwano KO1, our badass one wheel electric scooter, will be available at Best Buy retail stores across the US, and Target stores right in time for Christmas. 

Our mission to revolutionize electric rideable's comes from a conscious understanding of the need to simplify. We believe in creating minimalistic innovative solutions, collaborating with top designers and engineers, and contributing to the healing of our planet.

We promote enjoying our lives! Having a bit of fun while we get to where we are going, and acting from a place of integrity.

Stay tuned as we share the adventures you can support with any of our gadgets and gear. Eco-friendly restoration projects, behind the scenes footage from our manufacturing facilities and production, and local community events! 

Have you found the others yet? Connect with us through social our social media, there are some pretty spectacular humans riding these around!

Kiwano Team!

Clean Energy, Clean Mind!