Hello Riders!
We know it’s been a tough ride, and we want to thank you for sticking by while we ensured your KO-1 was absolutely perfect and ready for you to safely enjoy. 
The time has finally come, and our containers have shipped out from Asia, meaning you’ll have your KO-1 delivered to you within 30 days.
As we’ve mentioned before, a software malfunction forced us to significantly delay production on some of our orders, but safety always comes first over at Kiwano, and we can proudly say you’ll receive a one of a kind product. 
We know the anticipation is huge and it’s been one heck of a wait, so since we can’t be there when you get your KO-1, we’d love for you to share that first look when you unbox it! To do so, simply share your videos using #UnboxMyKiwano and you’ll be automatically entered in one of our giveaways!
Hope to catch you riding soon!
Kiwano Team!