Final Safety Adjustments & Deliveries

To all Riders!


We thank you all for being so patient with us since we launched in May 2017. We know that you have been waiting longer than expected and on behalf of our entire team we apologize for the long wait and changes in schedules, it’s not something we wanted at all but found it completely necessary to ensure the robust quality and its ultimate safety for all our riders.


When we launched in May we anticipated a delivery in August but we kept finding unexpected issues as we continued to test the Kiwano KO1 Scooter. We have striven to produce a safe, highly technical, high end affordable scooter without compromise.


Our aim is to create and establish a respected brand and loyal community for the long term.


We know that some of you are not satisfied with our customer services and for that we can only deeply apologise. Final testing of each and every scooter is taking place in the USA with the following final improvements to the software and safety features:

  • When the scooter is picked up it will cut out within 1 second.
  • Beginner mode the pole will automatically cruise at 12kph.
  • Advanced mode the pole will automatically trigger a controlled maximum speed.
  • Improved firmware features to increase speeds and mode levels for advanced riders. (Future ready roll out versions).


We are perfecting the additional safety functions before final delivery.


You are the first to receive the Kiwano KO1 Electric Scooters and we continue to endeavor to produce a rideable you will have fun on and be proud to own! We apologise profusely for the unforeseen delays and thank you once again for your patience.


The FINAL delivery schedule is below:




May January 8th - 12th
June January 8th - 12th
July January 15th - 19th
August January 15th - 19th
September January 15th - 19th
October January 15th - 19th
November January 15th - 19th


Many thanks, Kiwano Team!

Clean Energy, Clean Mind


For your interest please watch the video below.